Past Sports Tech Events

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Past events

  1. Product design img 23 Feb
    • Webinar

    Product design and development in Academia, Industry and Sports practice - pitfalls & factors for success?

    What are the best practices and central issues around product design and development in sports/health? Discover the different perspectives and concrete learnings in this webinar! 
  2. Data visual abstract 20 Jan
    • Masterclass

    Turning sports research data into powerful visuals

    A deep-dive masterclass on crafting powerful visuals for sports (research) data with Koen Van den Eeckhout, founder of Baryon.
  3. Visual tech screen working 14 Dec
    • Webinar

    Data Visualization in Sports

    What are the best practices and central issues around data visualization in sports? Discover the different perspectives in this webinar! 
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