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Get to know our Team & Ambassadors kick-starting the initiative

  • Edward Abankwa
    Edward Abankwa
    Events Production Director & Co-organizer of the Sports Tech Transfer and R&D Summit
    STRN Events and Communication support
  • Benjamin Penkert
    Benjamin Penkert
    Founder at SportsTechX, providing the world with data & insights about SportsTech startups and the surrounding ecosystem.
    Ambassador Sports Tech startups
  • Cheri Bradish
    Cheri Bradish
    Loretta Rogers Research Chair in Sport Marketing at Ryerson University (Canada)
    Co-founder & Sports Tech Startups, Entrepreneurship & Innovation expert
  • Bryce Dyer
    Bryce Dyer
    Deputy Head of Dpt, Design & Engineering, Bournemouth University (UK)
    Ambassador Sports Tech Innovation Ethics aspects
  • Bruno D'Hulster
    Bruno D'Hulster
    Sports Innovation Manager at Ghent University-Victoris and Founder of SportaMundi (Belgium)
    STRN Operations Manager and Coordination support
  • Kristof De Mey
    Kristof De Mey
    PhD in sports physical therapy at Ghent University and Sports Technology, Innovation & Business Developer at the same institution since 2013.
    STRN Founder and General Coordinator
  • Dirk De Clercq
    Dirk De Clercq
    Em. Prof. Department of Movement and Sports Sciences at Ghent University. Footwear Biomechanics expert.
    Ambassador Running Wearables & Analytics
  • Peter Düking
    Peter Düking
    Research Associate at the University of Wuerzburg (Germany)
    Ambassador Sports Wearables & Analytics
  • Fien Burg
    Fien Burg
    Research, product & innovation manager at RS scan
    -Ambassador Running Technology Innovation
  • Aline Fobe
    Aline Fobe
    PwC Belgium | HR Consulting | Athlete (ex-international hockey player)
    Ambassador Sports Consulting
  • Frederik E. Leys
    Frederik E. Leys
    Business Developer Centre for Microsystems Technology (CMST) at Ghent University - imec (Belgium)
    Ambassador Sports Wearables & Analytics
  • Ted Hayduk
    Ted Hayduk
    Assistant Professor at New York University & author of the book 'Statistical Modelling and Sports Business Analytics' (USA)
    Board Member & Sports Business Analytics expert
  • Jan Van Haaren
    Jan Van Haaren
    Chief Product & Technology Officer at SciSports & Sports Analytics researcher at KU Leuven (PhD in Machine Learning)
    Ambassador Tracking & Analytics
  • John van de Laar
    John van de Laar
    Business Developer imec.istart The Netherlands
    Board Member & STRN Business Development
  • Johsan Billingham
    Johsan Billingham
    Research Manager at FIFA (Switzerland)
    Ambassador Football Technology Innovation
  • Håvard K. Bjor
    Håvard K. Bjor
    COO at Igloo Innovation (Norway)
    Board Member & Sports Tech Innovation Facilities (Winter Sports) expert
  • Adam Karg
    Adam Karg
    Director, Sport Innovation Research Group, Swinburne University of Technology (Australia)
    Sports Innovation Management expert
  • Giorgi Khubua
    Giorgi Khubua
    Founder of smart mirror SOLOS (spinoff Technical University Munich) - Acquired by fitness company
    Ambassador Entrepreneurship
  • Terho Lahtinen
    Terho Lahtinen
    Senior Manager, Future Concepts at Suunto Oy (Finland)
    Ambassador Sports Wearables & Analytics
  • Stina Lundgren
    Stina Lundgren
    Global Relationship Manager at the Health & Sports Technology Initiative in Blekinge, Sweden
    Board Member & Health and Sports Tech innovation expert
  • Debbie Mejor
    Debbie Mejor
    HR, Finance and Administration at SportaMundi
    STRN Finance and Administration
  • Michael Naraine
    Michael Naraine
    Assistant Professor at Brock University, Department of Sport Management (Canada)
    Ambassador Sports Business Marketing Analytics and Innovation
  • Paolo Aversa
    Paolo Aversa
    Associate Professor and Director of the Full-Time MBA in Strategy at Cass Business School
    Ambassador Sports Business Analytics & Strategy
  • Sam Robertson
    Sam Robertson
    Professor of Sports Analytics at Victoria University (Australia)
    Board Member and Sports Analytics expert
  • Dhruv Seshadri
    Dhruv Seshadri
    PhD Candidate in Bioelectronics and Data Analytics at Case Western Reserve University (USA)
    Board Member & Sports Wearables & Analytics expert
  • Steven Vos
    Steven Vos
    Professor Sport, PA & designerly solutions Eindhoven University of Technology & Fontys Sporthogeschool (The Netherlands)
    Ambassador Sports Wearables & Analytics
  • Elise Van der Stichelen
    Elise Van der Stichelen
    Master in Sports Science Ghent University - Victoris Communication Manager and Project Coordinator at SportaMundi
    STRN Communication and Project Management
  • Tine Van Lommel
    Tine Van Lommel
    Spin-off and Innovation Manager at KU Leuven & Coordinator Sports.tech (Belgium)
    Ambassador Sports Tech Innovation management
  • Julie Vandenhouweele
    Julie Vandenhouweele
    Marketing Innovation & Strategy in Sports Business expert
    Marketing strategy & Communication support
  • Merel Vanoverbeke
    Merel Vanoverbeke
    Graphic design, Web design and Copywriting at SportaMundi
    STRN Designer, Copywriter and Website support
  • Pascal Vuilliomenet
    Pascal Vuilliomenet
    Strategic project Manager at EPFL
    Board Member and Sports Tech R&D and Technology Transfer expert