STRN is an initiative of Victoris, the valorization consortium for sports science at Ghent University (Belgium) and the non-profit organization SportaMundi vzw. STRN is managed by the STRN Board. The STRN Board members are mentioned in the STRN website.

STRN is legally operated by SportaMundi vzw. SportaMundi vzw is a non-profit organization with registered office at Gaver 13, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium, company registration BE 0695.531.273, duly represented by Kristof De Mey and Bruno D'Hulster, both Directors of SportaMundi vzw.

The operational activities of SportaMundi for STRN include:

  • Administration of memberships
  • Invoicing and payment collection
  • Technical support of the STRN website
  • Organizing events such as Webinars, Masterclasses and Summit
  • Manage communications, such as newsletters and social media posts
  • Financial reporting

The information on this site has been compiled with the utmost care and is updated on a regular basis. If you have any comments about this website or its contents, please report them by email to info@strn.co or by letter to:

SportaMundi vzw - STRN
Nieuwewandeling 62
9000 Ghent

STRN does not guarantee that all information is correct, complete and updated. STRN can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may result from your access to or use of this site.

Respect for the law

STRN asks all its contacts and members to respect all legislation, in particular the laws protecting privacy and intellectual property. In that context, STRN points out that each contact or member is responsible for the contractual and legal agreements with the organization to which he belongs and with third parties.


The purpose of STRN is to represent the interests of members and to act as a facilitator for legitimate contacts between members active in the Sports Tech sector (academic and non-academic). STRN will not be used for any anti-competitive conduct, or to engage in activities that could violate any antitrust or competition law.

STRN shall not enter into any discussion, activity or conduct that may infringe, on its part or on the part of its members, any applicable competition law.

STRN encourages all its contacts and members to respect the law. All elements mentioned in this disclaimer apply not only to discussions in formal meetings but also to informal discussions before, during and after meetings.

Code of conduct

All members and STRN staff are asked to act according to the following rules:


  • Be open to share information and knowledge for the benefit of the STRN members.
  • Participate actively in conversations and discussions.
  • Contribute to posts, blogs, events, etc.
  • Respect and appreciate each other.
  • Be on time at events and meetings, respect the timings.
  • Leave enough space for everyone to contribute in conversations.
  • React on inappropriate behaviour such as discrimination, violence, manipulation, etc.

Do not

  • Use STRN as a sales channel.
  • Impose commercial presentations, posts or documents.
  • Discuss, exchange and publish information which is not in conformity with competition, privacy and intellectual property laws.
  • Behave inappropriate related to discrimination, violence, manipulation, etc.

Membership conditions

The registering person, company or organization expressly guarantees that the data communicated is complete, unambiguous and truthful. As such, non-members are expressly prohibited from unlawfully claiming any benefits that an STRN membership would entail.

External consultants or persons holding similar positions are not considered part of the company or organization holding the STRN membership. Accordingly, persons holding such positions cannot claim any benefits that any STRN membership would entail. In case of doubt or ambiguity STRN has an exclusive and firm decision power. A written confirmation from STRN on whether or not benefits of the STRN membership are granted is in any case necessary in case of doubt or dispute.

STRN reserves the express and exclusive right to refuse any registration -completed or otherwise- for any of its events or activities at any time, without compensation and without giving reasons.

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