STRN Featured Organizations

We're thrilled to be working with the organizations presented below. Some are small, others are big. But what they all have in common is the passion to work on (and with) trustworthy, evidence-based technologies which could create a real-life impact in the world of sports and the broader society.

  • Alphabeats Works B.V.
    Alphabeats Works B.V.
  • Archinisis
    Swiss startup developing systems for elite sports performance tracking and analysis
  • Bits of Love
    Bits of Love
    Digital Product Studio with clear expertise in structuring & visualizing complex information
  • Canadian Sport Institute Calgary
    Canadian Sport Institute Calgary
    Non-profit organization dedicated to building, creating and educating athletes, coaches and sport science professionals
  • Case Western Reserve University
    Case Western Reserve University
    Cleveland's (Ohio) university having strong expertise in biomedical engineering and sports medicine
  • Collective Innovation AS
    Collective Innovation AS
    Social enterprise in Oslo. Supporting individuals and organizations to be more innovative and entrepreneurial.
  • Cycling Vlaanderen
    Cycling Vlaanderen
    Flemish cycling federation focusing on various forms of (technology related) innovation
  • Eindhoven University of Technology
    Eindhoven University of Technology
    Dutch technical university involved in a variety of sports and health tech research and innovation projects
  • Elipsys Tech
    Elipsys Tech
    Skills performance testing and training startup
  • Fibion Inc.
    Fibion Inc.
    Everyday activity tracker & professional analysis tool focusing on improving people's everyday sitting habits
  • FIFA
    World leading football organization paving the way into impacful technology implementation for the benefit of the game
  • Future of Sport Lab
    Future of Sport Lab
    Collaborative lab and incubator for sport innovation and research, linked to the Ryerson University (Canada)
  • Garmin Health
    Garmin Health
  • Ghent University
    Ghent University
    Belgian top ranking university active in the sports technology innovation domain
  • Howest
    Belgian university college (Bruges) running a variety of sports innovation activities
  • HRV4Training
    Science-based mobile platform rendering Heart Rate Variability (HRV) insights that help athletes optimize their goals & improve performances
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