Summit 2024

Mark 18-20 September 2024 in your calendar and save the date! 🙌

The Summit is back and, like last time, will take place in Ghent, Belgium. 📌 Details about the program and the speakers are regularly updated, so keep an eye on this page and our social media channels!

Would you like to speak at our summit, give us a hand organization-wise, or be a sponsor at the event? Please let us know asap through our contact form.

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What to expect?

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A variety of topics

The upcoming STRN Summit is focused on a variety of topics such as: 

  • The latest scientific breakthroughs and how these could lead to actual products and services to be used in the field 

  • Lessons learned from university-industry partnerships when it comes to innovations relevant for sports and the broader society

  • Needs and desires from real-life contexts such as team or individual sports, and how to set up innovation projects including the end-user early in the process

Check out the program

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Who's this for?

The event is relevant for:

  • Academics who want to explore partnerships with external stakeholders such as startups, companies, teams, federations, etc.

  • Research and Innovation managers looking for inspiration, talent and good practices from like-minded people and organizations

  • Practitioners looking forward to embracing the latest innovations early in the process

Who's speaking at the Summit?

Some of the attending organizations


The first confirmed speakers

  • Dhruv Seshadri
    Dhruv Seshadri
    Wearable Devices | Bioelectronics | Digital Health
  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith
    Performance, Innovation & Research / BreakAway Data
  • Ine Van Caekenberghe
    Ine Van Caekenberghe
    Scientific Coordinator @ BOIC | Ass. Professor @ VUB | Sports Biomechanics Consultant
  • Anne Tjønndal
    Anne Tjønndal
    Professor of Sociology of Sport & RESPONSE Leader at Nord University | Vice President of the Norwegian Boxing Federation | Boxing Coach
  • Warren Gregson
    Warren Gregson
    Driving strategic performance initiatives in the football industry | Delivering innovation in player development through science & technology
  • Thibault Fouquaert
    Thibault Fouquaert
    Teaching assistant & PhD Researcher Sportmanagement UGent. Keen interest in innovation, technology, sports, market research and coaching/teaching.
  • Daniel Westmattelmann
    Daniel Westmattelmann
    Assistant Professor at University of Münster & Co-Founder at Veelz
  • Wim Derave
    Wim Derave
    Muscle physiology; sport nutrition; leader of the VICTORIS sport research valorization consortium at Ghent University
  • Pedro Esteves
    Pedro Esteves
    Professor in Sports Science | Research & Entrepreneurship | Pushing the boundaries of knowledge & innovation in the field of sports
  • Kristof De Mey
    Kristof De Mey
    PhD in sports physical therapy at Ghent University and Sports Technology, Innovation & Business Developer at the same institution since 2013.
  • Benjamin Greenhough
    Benjamin Greenhough
    Head of Sports Research at Rezzil
  • David Lipman
    David Lipman
    Health and Human Performance Specialist | Using Storytelling to Create Impact
  • Matthias Gilgien
    Matthias Gilgien
    Norwegian School of Sport Sciences / Norwegian Alpine Ski Team / Engadin Health and Innovation Foundation.
  • Steve Barrett
    Steve Barrett
    Director of Sport Science and Research Innovation at PlayerMaker
  • Wouter Timmerman
    Wouter Timmerman
    PhD Student @ Edith Cowan University. Former Belgian international junior triathlete with a passion for endurance sports & their underpinning science.
  • Stefanie Broes
    Stefanie Broes
    Founder at moonbird - health and well-being for all, one breath at a time
  • Peter Düking
    Peter Düking
    Professor for Exercise & Training Science at Technical Uni of Braunschweig. Investigating the application of data to individualize training
  • Stina Lundgren Högbom
    Stina Lundgren Högbom
    Director of Sports Technology and Innovation at Svexa. National team manager for the Swedish Jujutsu Federation.
  • Erika Lutin
    Erika Lutin
    Data Scientist at imec | Brailsports
  • Arne Jaspers
    Arne Jaspers
    PhD & MSc in Sport sciences, MSc in Rehab sciences. Sport scientist at RBFA and Researcher & KU Leuven. Health & Performance by science & technology.
  • Steven Vandeput
    Steven Vandeput
    Advisor Extramuros & Digital Health at beMedTech. Passionate about digital health and MedTech innovation.
  • Ellen Wang
    Ellen Wang
    CEO & Founder of SenTech AI BV; Mental Performance Pioneer; Wearable AI Tech Doctor.
  • Cheri Bradish
    Cheri Bradish
    Loretta Rogers Research Chair in Sport Marketing at Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Steven Verstockt
    Steven Verstockt
    Professor - Research lead at Ghent University, IDLab. Machine Learning / Image recognition / AI & Sports / AI & Mobility.
  • Berten Knaepen
    Berten Knaepen
    Co-Founder at MyGamePlan
  • Torstein Dalen-Lorentsen
    Torstein Dalen-Lorentsen
    Research Manager Health and performance technology @ SINTEF one of Europe’s largest independent research organisation. MSc/PhD in sports medicine
  • Marcus Schmidt
    Marcus Schmidt
    Expert in the development, validation and application of MEMS/sensor systems in sports - TU Dortmund
  • Tiago Malaquias
    Tiago Malaquias
    R&D Data Scientist at STATSports - PhD - Biomedical Engineer
  • Jessica Zendler
    Jessica Zendler
    Biomechanist, engineer, researcher. Science-driven sport & health tech, validation, best practices, education, communication, safety.
  • Simon Helleputte
    Simon Helleputte
    Postdoctoral researcher @GhentUniversity @FWOVlaanderen | PhD in Type 1 Diabetes - CV Health - CGM - Exercise Physiology-Metabolism.
  • Joeri Tulkens
    Joeri Tulkens
    PhD in Health Sciences | Co-Founder IntelliProve
  • Kieran Collins
    Kieran Collins
    Research Scientist | Applied Exercise Physiology | Academic | Interested in Performance and Data.
  • Senne Bonnaerens
    Senne Bonnaerens
    Co-founder & CEO of OnTracx
  • Leon Brudy
    Leon Brudy
    Business Development Manager - Garmin Health
  • Petter A. H. Jølstad
    Petter A. H. Jølstad
    PhD candidate at Norwegian School of Sport Sciences - Tracking technologies in elite sports | Sport Scientist at the Norwegian Alpine Skiing Team
  • Sam Robertson
    Sam Robertson
    Professor of Sports Analytics at Victoria University (Australia)
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Answering the big questions

The STRN Summit also aims to collectively define and (partly) answer some of the big questions in the sports and health domain, such as: 

  • How to evaluate the quality of technology?

  • How to facilitate the transfer of knowhow from academia to society?

  • How to set up successful partnerships with limited resources?

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This year's focus

This year, we're paying special attention to the crossroads between the Sports and Health tech fields, meaning: 

  • We’ll discuss how technology used in elite sport could benefit sport for all and healthy living conditions

  • How advancements in the health and medical domains may be of benefit in a sports, fitness or physical activity context (+ vice versa)

  • How different research, startup and funding ecosystems can be brought closer together for the benefit of sports and society

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The venue

A unique setting with a history

Summit 2024 will take place in the iconic Wintercircus: a former indoor circus that has recently been renovated and reopened to the public. 

Built in 1885, the “New Circus” was built with the purpose of entertainment: several circus companies gave year-round performances in the building, even during winter.

In 1920 the building was heavily damaged due to a fire, and was reconstructed thereafter. After World War II the circus interior was altered for good, as car mechanic Ghislain Mahy bought and transformed the building into a car workshop.

The workshop continued its activities until 1978, after which the Wintercircus was used as a depot for vintage cars.

The revival of the circus

Fast forward to 2024: the building reopens again to the public after 5 year of intensive renovations.

Innovating start-ups and scale-ups will breathe new life into the former workshops and share their knowledge in the meeting rooms or the auditorium during lectures and presentations.

The underground level will house a concert hall seating 500 spectators. A perfectly grand and unique setting for the STRN Summit!

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