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Let’s keep it simple. A network is a community of people and organizations, with a focus on the former. That’s why we offer 2 types of memberships.

Individual membership

Access to content
Get free access to webinars and receive member-only updates on research outcomes, project & funding options, partnerships, etc., based on your interests.

Access to events
Join our dedicated matchmaking activities for free and get a 30% reduction on our Masterclasses and Summit.

Access to others
Get warm introductions to relevant people based on your needs, and get help in communicating your services and challenges to a targeted audience.

250 / year

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Organizational membership

Promotional opportunities
Join with your whole team and promote your organization’s brand, products & services, events, vacancies, etc., to a community of sports science & technology minded people. Come speak at our events.

Innovation opportunities
Pose new challenges, receive advice on project ideas and get multiple introductions to experts from various subdomains of academia, industry and sports field practice.

Business opportunities
Get more closely involved in the network, set up B2B partnerships, co-create new products & services and find investment leads.

2500 / year

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