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Let’s keep it simple. A network is a community of people and organizations, with a focus on the former. That’s why we offer 3 types of memberships.

To make sure we create real value for our members, we review membership requests first to make sure there is a right fit. That said, we're looking forward to see your request coming in! 

Individual membership

Access to content

  • Free access to the recordings of all past webinars
  • Co-create infographics or blog articles that will be promoted
  • First access to receive questions, challenges, collaboration proposals from teams, companies, and peers

Access to events

  • STRN Summit & Masterclasses reduction of 30%
  • Partner event reduction (discount depends on the partner)
  • Free participation in our online matchmaking activities

Access to others

  • Receive at least one warm introduction to somebody based on your specific needs (highly personal)
  • Access to the members of STRN and visibility in our network

€ 250 / year

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Organizational membership

 Access to content & events

Innovation opportunities

  • First access to receive questions, challenges, collaboration proposals from teams, companies, entrepreneurs, peers
  • Launch of a research challenge for your specific needs
  • Receive 2 hours of consulting for specific strategic advice on your projects
  • Get as many relevant personal introductions as needed

Business opportunities

  • Set up collaborative projects & Special Interest Groups within STRN
  • Promote your organization or specific knowledge through our channels
  • Co-create matchmaking events & masterclasses based on your interests and needs

€ 500 - 2500 / year

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Foundational membership

Proactivity and value creation

Receive all Organizational member benefits, and actively determine the future of STRN together with us, and put a stronger emphasis on value creation within the areas of your interest.

Strategic learning

Generate deeper and clearer insights in specific domains relevant for your type of organization, and make smarter decisions based on these learnings.

Thought leadership

Be of high value to the people in our sector by creating high quality (scientific) knowledge and trustworthy solutions leading to significant changes in sports and society.

price on request

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Collaboration between academia and industry is crucial to develop evidence-based products with proven effectiveness on the desired health or performance aspect which in turn ensures a stable and growing market

Dr. Peter Düking

Research Associate Würzburg University & Wearable Technologies expert

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