About Bringing sports science or tech research to market - what's your best next step?

Bringing sports science or tech research to market - what's your best next step?

❓What are the key elements to take into account when bringing your research findings closer to the market, and what are the strategies (and pitfalls) to do so?

πŸ’ͺ Many researchers develop and study certain technologies, but few succeed in creating real-life solutions which could be brought to market and ultimately be used in the field. 

🎯 Based on real-life examples, attendees will be offered concrete tips and tricks which could help them in their careers while also bridging the gap between science and practice.

πŸ‘©‍πŸŽ“ Some of the learning outcomes of this Masterlcass include: 

  • Identify the key elements to take into account when considering the active translation of research findings into actual solutions which could be used in the field
  • Learning how to become a more impactful researcher without becoming an entrepreneur: options & key success factors
  • Becoming aware of the key pitfalls to avoid when collaborating with people from other disciplines or sectors
  • Defining the best next steps in your career taking professional and personal aspects into account
  • Knowing where to start best, given your specific case (technology type, sport, targeted outcome, maturity level, people involved, etc.

🀷‍♀️ Who is this for? Mainly researchers in the sports science and engineering space, but it could also be relevant for R&D or innovation managers from a startup or scale-up, or people working in sports teams or federations who are involved in early-stage research and innovation projects.

πŸ€” People who participate in this session could prepare the following in order to get the most out of it: create a short document including various aspects of your project(s) as e.g.:

  • the reasons you started the project
  • the projects’ key topic and related outcomes
  • the advantages these could provide for a certain target group
  • your and your organizations future ambitions with the project
  • the things you’d like to learn from participating in the session

πŸ‘€ Participants will be able to participate in rather reactive or proactive manner. Enough time for Q&A will be provided and a follow-up call is also possible (and included). 


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