Organizing committee

No event without a motivated team of professionals behind it. The team presented below is excited to offer a high-quality & enjoyable program that can create true value for those attending. 

  • Edward Abankwa
    Edward Abankwa
    Events Production Director & Co-organizer of the Sports Tech Transfer and R&D Summit
  • Cheri Bradish
    Cheri Bradish
    Loretta Rogers Research Chair in Sport Marketing at Ryerson University (Canada)
  • Kristof De Mey
    Kristof De Mey
    PhD in sports physical therapy at Ghent University and Sports Technology, Innovation & Business Developer at the same institution since 2013.
  • Victor Donker
    Victor Donker
    CEO @ Usono. Innovation Manager @ PSV.
  • Arne Jaspers
    Arne Jaspers
    PhD & MSc in Sport sciences, MSc in Rehab sciences. Sport scientist at RBFA and Researcher & KU Leuven. Health & Performance by science & technology.
  • Terho Lahtinen
    Terho Lahtinen
    Senior Manager at Movesense (Spin-off from Suunto)
  • Stina Lundgren Högbom
    Stina Lundgren Högbom
    Director of Sports Technology and Innovation at Svexa
  • Dhruv Seshadri
    Dhruv Seshadri
    Wearable Devices | Bioelectronics | Digital Health
  • Pro Stergiou
    Pro Stergiou
    Business Development Manager Sport Product Testing - Canadian Sport Institute
  • Ben Van Delm
    Ben Van Delm
    International Business Developer at Hylyght
  • Elise Van der Stichelen
    Elise Van der Stichelen
    Master in Sports Science Ghent University - Victoris Communication Manager and Project Coordinator at SportaMundi
  • Charlotte Van Tuyckom
    Charlotte Van Tuyckom
    Lecturer and researcher at HOWEST University of Applied Sciences. Author, blogger, advisor, auditor, podcaster.
  • Celine Vanhaverbeke
    Celine Vanhaverbeke
    IOF Innovation Officer Smart Microsystems for Sports- & Medtech at Ghent University
  • Jessica Zendler
    Jessica Zendler
    Biomechanist, engineer, researcher. Science-driven sport & health tech, validation, best practices, education, communication, safety.

Motivated to join this exciting group?

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