Summit Speakers

As the event is focused on science based sports tech innovation, we are happy to welcome a variety of speakers and panelists coming from academia, industry and field practice.

  • Tiago Malaquias
    Tiago Malaquias
    R&D Data Scientist at STATSports - PhD - Biomedical Engineer
  • Ine Van Caekenberghe
    Ine Van Caekenberghe
    Scientific Coordinator @ BOIC | Ass. Professor @ VUB | Sports Biomechanics Consultant
  • Leon Brudy
    Leon Brudy
    Business Development Manager - Garmin Health
  • Stina Lundgren Högbom
    Stina Lundgren Högbom
    Director of Sports Technology and Innovation at Svexa. National team manager for the Swedish Jujutsu Federation.
  • Dhruv Seshadri
    Dhruv Seshadri
    Wearable Devices | Bioelectronics | Digital Health
  • Kristof De Mey
    Kristof De Mey
    PhD in sports physical therapy at Ghent University and Sports Technology, Innovation & Business Developer at the same institution since 2013.
  • David Lipman
    David Lipman
    Health and Human Performance Specialist | Using Storytelling to Create Impact
  • Pedro Esteves
    Pedro Esteves
    Professor in Sports Science | Research & Entrepreneurship | Pushing the boundaries of knowledge & innovation in the field of sports
  • Sam Robertson
    Sam Robertson
    Professor of Sports Analytics at Victoria University (Australia)
  • Petter A. H. Jølstad
    Petter A. H. Jølstad
    PhD candidate at Norwegian School of Sport Sciences - Tracking technologies in elite sports | Sport Scientist at the Norwegian Alpine Skiing Team
  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith
    Performance, Innovation & Research / BreakAway Data
  • Steve Barrett
    Steve Barrett
    Director of Sport Science and Research Innovation at PlayerMaker
  • Cheri Bradish
    Cheri Bradish
    Loretta Rogers Research Chair in Sport Marketing at Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Matthias Gilgien
    Matthias Gilgien
    Norwegian School of Sport Sciences / Norwegian Alpine Ski Team / Engadin Health and Innovation Foundation.
  • Steven Verstockt
    Steven Verstockt
    Professor - Research lead at Ghent University, IDLab. Machine Learning / Image recognition / AI & Sports / AI & Mobility.
  • Stefanie Broes
    Stefanie Broes
    Founder at moonbird - health and well-being for all, one breath at a time
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