Summit Speakers

As the event was focused on science based sports tech innovation, we were happy to welcome a variety of speakers and panelists coming from academia, industry and field practice.

  • Rob Aughey
    Rob Aughey
    Sport scientist at Track and Professor of sport science at Victoria University
  • Carlos Balsalobre Fernández
    Carlos Balsalobre Fernández
    PhD, CSCS-D | Professor @UAM_Madrid | Creator @MyJumpLab | Performance consultant of pro athletes 💪🏻🔬📱 📥
  • Steve Barrett
    Steve Barrett
    Director of Sport Science and Research Innovation at PlayerMaker
  • Johsan Billingham
    Johsan Billingham
    Research Manager at FIFA
  • Silvia Blemker
    Silvia Blemker
    Professor Biomedical Engineering at University of Virginia
  • Jan Boone
    Jan Boone
    Professor Exercise Physiology and Sport Training at Ghent University
  • Leon Brudy
    Leon Brudy
    Business Development Manager - Garmin Health
  • Kevin Caen
    Kevin Caen
    Postdoctoral researcher at Ghent University, Department of Movement and Sports Sciences
  • Tanya Colonna
    Tanya Colonna
    CEO and Founder at Oro Muscles BV
  • Lynn Coorevits
    Lynn Coorevits
    Digital Health Innovation Manager at imec
  • Carsten Couchouron
    Carsten Couchouron
    Founder Sports Lab Copenhagen - Advisor to various Sports Tech startups
  • Peter Daels
    Peter Daels
    Managing Director at
  • Tiago de Melo Malaquias
    Tiago de Melo Malaquias
    R&D Data Scientist at STATSports - PhD - Biomedical Engineer
  • Wim Derave
    Wim Derave
    Muscle physiology; sport nutrition; leader of the VICTORIS sport research valorization consortium at Ghent University
  • Rud Derie
    Rud Derie
    PhD student in running and footwear biomechanics at Ghent University
  • Victor Donker
    Victor Donker
    CEO @ Usono. Innovation Manager @ PSV.
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