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  1. Spinoffs in sports tech #6.png


    Spin-offs in Sports Tech #6: Runeasi

    Introduction For the 6th article in our series about academic spin-offs in sports tech, we spoke with Kurt Schütte, CEO & Co-founder at Runeasi. Runeasi offers evidence-based biomechanical…
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  2. Stakeholder engagement in sport and exercise medicine.jpg


    The role of stakeholder engagement in sport and exercise medicine

    The right amount of stakeholder engagement is crucial for innovation in sports and exercise medicine, but how to identify the right amount?
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  3. Data Visual.jpg


    Sports Data Visualization Insights

    How can we create visualizations of data in sports that are accurate, clear, and actually useful to the end-user? 
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  4. Artificial Intelligence Sports Medicine.jpg


    The use of artificial intelligence in sports medicine

    Artificial Intelligence techniques can transform the field of orthopaedics and sports medicine, but to which aspects will AI add the most value?
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  5. Image collaboration


    University-Industry collaborations & Innovation for Impact in Sport: call for participants in a research study

    As part of his MBA program, Prof. George Nassis is seeking to understand the facilitators and barriers in the university-industry collaborations (UIC) in the sports science and sports…
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  6. Novel technology in sports biomechanics.jpg


    Novel technology in sports biomechanics: some words of caution

    Several new technologies to measure biomechanics have come into existence, but how to make a decision on which one to use in practice and how to use it?
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  7. Gait Up visual website.png


    Spin-offs in Sports Tech #5: Gait Up

    Introduction This is already the fifth article in our series about academic spin-offs in sports tech. This time, we spoke with Patrick Pestalozzi, Managing Director, and Fabien Massé, Director…
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  8. Resistance training monitoring devices reviewed.jpg


    Commercial resistance training monitoring devices reviewed

    The availability of commercially available resistance training monitoring devices has been increasing, but their validity and reliability are questionable. 
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  9. Current network small.png


    Science driven Sports & Health Tech organizations joining forces to improve product effectiveness

    Sports technology is an area of massive growth, with major potential commercial incentives, from the individual consumer to the elite sport level. Products in the health and performance domains,…
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