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  1. SWOT-analysis-of-Markerless-motion-capture-systems.png


    Portable and Low-Cost Markerless Motion Capture Systems to Assess Kinematics in Sport

    Markerless motion capture systems have improved drastically over the last 20 years. What are the capacities and considerations for implementing these types of systems?
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  2. STRN_Spinoff_8_Springbok-Analytics.png


    Spin-offs in Sports Tech #8: Springbok Analytics

    This time in our series about academic spin-offs in sports tech, we’re focusing on a very exciting company called Springbok Analytics. We interviewed Silvia Blemker, Co-Founder, and Savannah…
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  3. Establishing-a-Global-Standard-for-Wearable-Devices_STRN-infographic.jpg


    Establishing a Global Standard for Wearable Devices in Sports and Exercise Medicine

    Millions of datapoints are generated daily from consumer sport and fitness wearables. The need for a global standard is rapidly growing.
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  4. Maximizing-impact-academics-personal-impact-development-plan.jpg


    Maximizing impact as an academic with a personal impact development plan

    Most business researchers and educators strive to create an impact on academia, business and society. How can they achieve this ambition?
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  5. Machine-learning-methods-in-sports-injury-prevention.jpg


    Machine learning methods in sports injury prediction and prevention

    Machine learning (ML) methods could be helpful in injury prediction and prevention, so which ML methods are currently used and are they accurate?
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  6. Spinoffs in sports tech #7.png


    Spin-offs in Sports Tech #7: Elipsys

    For the 7th article in our series about academic spin-offs in sports tech, we spoke with Adam Kiefer, CEO & Co-founder at Elipsys. Elipsys creates evidence-based learning models that support…
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  7. STRN_Webinar_Marketing-communication_Cover_small.png


    Webinar insights - Marketing & communication actions for Sports & Health tech professionals

    In this guest article Julie Vandenhouweele sums up a few take-aways from our webinar on 16/03, in which she was a panelist together with Alfred Campenaerts and Cheri Bradish.
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  8. STRN_Webinar_Product-design-and-development-2.png


    Webinar insights - Product design & development in Academia, Industry and Sports practice

    Here's a summary of the most interesting insights from our webinar on 23/02. Our 3 panelists were: Dries De Roeck, Ine Van Caekenberghe and Jan Stryckers.
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  9. Sports Information Sytems-A Review.jpg


    Sports Information Systems: a comparison for categorization

    Requirements for Sports Information Systems (SIS) are very heterogeneous, so which fields, features and functions do SIS actually cover?
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