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  1. STRN Meet & Greet Online networking event


    Expand your network at the STRN Meet & Greet

    In a world driven by innovation and collaboration, the importance of connections cannot be underestimated. With the Sports Tech Research Network, we want to bring individuals from diverse backgrounds…
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  2. STRN_Infographic-24_Monitoring-kinematical-and-physiological-signs.jpg


    Monitoring kinematical and physiological signs of sports with flexible and wearable sensors

    Flexible and wearable sensors have seen remarkable advancements in recent years. What are the current developments in utilizing these sensors in monitoring the kinematical and physiological signals of…
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  3. White-paper-preview-STRN.jpg


    Experts collaborate to establish the Sports Technology Quality Framework

    A Sports Tech Quality Framework has been developed in collaboration with industry experts by means of a Delphi study. In a recently released White paper, the framework is introduced as a standardized,…
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  4. STRN_Infographic_25_Wearable-technologies-predictive-algorithms-core-body-termperature.jpg


    A systematic review of wearable sensor technology to predict core body temperature (CBT)

    Thousands of people worldwide are affected by heat-related illnesses. Core body temperature (CBT) measurement through wearable devices is shown to predict these illnesses, but what about the efficacy…
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  5. STRN_Infographic_23_Elite-Canadian-coaches-new-technology-practice.jpg


    How elite Canadian coaches adopt & implement new technology in their practice

    In high-performance sport, technological innovation has proven to very impactful. What is the relation of the coach with technology adoption and implementation?
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  6. STRN_Infographic_22_Tracking-systems-team-sports.jpg


    Tracking systems in team sports: Applications of the data and sport specific analysis

    Professional Team Sports organizations increasingly invest in athlete tracking systems to gain a competitive advantage and to manage injury risk. How should the choice for a tracking system be made…
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  7. STRN-Summit-183.jpg


    Recap of the Sports Tech Research & Innovation Summit '22

    On 14 & 15 September '22, STRN organized the Sports Tech Research & Innovation Summit. What were the reasons behind organizing this event, and did we succeed? Let's find out!
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  8. STRN_Data-analytics-elite-sports.jpg


    Managing the Training Process in Elite Sports: From Descriptive to Prescriptive Data Analytics

    Within elite sport organizations, practitioners frequently use data to manage elite athletes’ training process for the optimization of their health and performance. How could this data be used…
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  9. Wearables-in-Sports-Cardiology-STRN.png


    Current and Potential Applications of Wearables in Sports Cardiology

    The use of wearables in sports cardiology is very common among athletes and highly active individuals, even though its value is not well established. What does the evidence tell us?
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